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2.8: Regular Expressions: split() – Programming with Text新しいアップデートのjavascript split 正規 表現に関連するビデオの概要


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トピックに関連する情報javascript split 正規 表現

このビデオでは、split() — JavaScript 文字列関数について説明します。この関数は、正規表現で定義された「区切り文字」に基づいて、特定のテキストを「トークン」に分割するために使用されます。 ITP の「Programming from A to Z」コースの一部である Expressions (次のビデオ: コースの URL: Patreon でこのチャンネルをサポート: 質問とコーディングの課題を送ってください!: 連絡先: プログラミングに関するすべての情報が記載された GitHub レポA から Z: このビデオで説明されているリンク: MDN の正規表現リファレンス: ウィキペディアの正規表現: 本 正規表現の習得: Tisch School of the Arts の ITP: すべてのビデオ レッスンのソース コード: p5.js: 処理: For More Programmingビデオの A から Z まで: その他のコーディングの課題: このビデオのキャプションと翻訳にご協力ください! 📄 行動規範:

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2.8: Regular Expressions: split() – Programming with Text

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javascript split 正規 表現に関連するいくつかの提案

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2.8: Regular Expressions: split() – Programming with Text。

javascript split 正規 表現。

javascript split 正規 表現の内容により、ShibaHirokazuが提供することを願っています。それがあなたにとって有用であることを期待して、より多くの情報と新しい知識を持っていることを願っています。。 Shiba Hirokazuのjavascript split 正規 表現の内容をご覧いただきありがとうございます。

27 thoughts on “2.8: Regular Expressions: split() – Programming with Text | javascript split 正規 表現に関する情報の概要が最も完全です

  1. Αναστάσης Τσαμπούκος says:

    I am currently trying to make something similar with a chatting app, where the # symbol with the word following with be the tags for the post I just don't know the correct regex in order to split and get the different # as tags


    I need to fetch half of the value of the full string!(without if else) Now think 1000 times and then reply here i know you will be failed in this case.

  3. pradeep nayak says:

    "1.JavaScript String function. 2.which is used to split a given piec. 3.defined by a regular expression."

    output:["1.JavaScript String function.","2.which is used to split a given piec.","3.defined by a regular expression."]

    please send the regx code

  4. Sri1439 Nooka says:

    Print the characters in a string separated by comma. i need the word run to get as r,u,n can anyone help me plz??

  5. nhím xanh says:

    hi. Can someone help me ?
    I don’t know how to replace word with hyphen. e.x: from “a-b” to “b-a”.

  6. kishore babu says:

    How to do this const a=“[{name:”bob”},{name:”ron”}]”;
    Expected out put: [{name:”bob”},{name:”ron”}]
    Thank you

  7. rot rose says:

    The idea of using s.split(/[.s]+/) to fix unnecessary blank is simply amazing! Best programming teacher across the whole youtube.

  8. Dustin K says:

    This might be a dumb question, but where does the forward-slash come from at the beginning and at the end of the Regex?

  9. Travel Post says:

    Hi how do i use same regular expression and split on word 'and' along with other symbols like comma,& etc. right now i have split(/[ ,&]+/) and i want to add "and" word as separator along with other symbols

  10. ebsiba kennady says:

    String line = first, second,"hello,world","one,""two"""
    the output is first second hello, world one,two
    can you please explain how this regular expression working?

  11. Priyank Sharma says:

    what if the string starts with a special character then can we split it and get only the tokens.Tokens are sequence of alphabets.

  12. TheSanchezzs says:

    It's driving me nuts! When we split it up by spaces, commas and dots, there is an empty item at the very end. How do you get rid of this!? You had it too, but you did not comment on it.

    var array = text.split(/[.,s]+/);

  13. Anbu Anbu says:

    how to extract before and after two words from particular string using regular expression and c#???

  14. Daniel Ricardo says:

    Your videos are great, but you should look into using the forEach() loop – that would save you so much time and typing, and would make your code more readable.
    For example, instead of:
    for (var i = 0; i < words.length; i++) { createP(words[i]; }
    You can just write:
    words.forEach(function(word) { createP(word) } )

  15. Λάμπρος Χρυσοβέργης says:

    I just want to note something because it got me confused for a sec. On this video @4.00 the split function has been called "s.split(/[,s/]+/);" with an extra forward slash inside the group in square brackets. This will just add to delimiters the forward slash, is not escaping the right square bracket. Even if it was back slash it wouldn't (most likely it would be syntax error). Just in case this will be useful to anyone.


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