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The Bigamist (1953) Ida Lupino


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女性2人で募集! 二人の女性と密かに結婚した男は、彼の欺瞞のプレッシャーを感じています。 監督: アイダ・ルピノ 脚本: ローレンス・B・マーカス、ルー・ショール 出演: ジョーン・フォンテイン、アイダ・ルピノ、エドマンド・グウェン ジャンル: クラシック、ドラマ、F 格付け、フィルムノワール 予算: $175,000 @CultCinemaClassics:

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The Bigamist (1953) Ida Lupino | Drama, Film-Noir
The Bigamist (1953) Ida Lupino | Drama, Film-Noir

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The Bigamist (1953) Ida Lupino | Drama, Film-Noir。

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35 thoughts on “The Bigamist (1953) Ida Lupino | Drama, Film-Noir | すべての知識はalt 先生 手紙に関する最も詳細なものです

  1. Allen Dyer says:

    Ida so glad the director didn't write in a Duet at the piano. Really think Mr. Jordan needs to raise a cane at end of this, but eh. It's so dark cause this Harry guy is wimpy, so "if you want dear", not one to sing a polka like "Just Because". Shoulda also married Jane Wyman to get some connections in future State support or higher government help.

    * Nifty fact that the screenwriter/producer had married both leading ladies.

  2. Rand Quadrozzi says:

    Miss lupino was something special especially for back then when women had a harder time trying to break stereotypes.She was pretty in control.

  3. Ron Leight says:

    I enjoyed this, have seen many of the top 3 stars other movies but not this one. Lol, at the Santa Claus joke and showing Edmund Gwenn home on the bus tour!

  4. Alejandro Curado says:

    How come people in these movies take naps and walk around the house fully dressed and looking smart as though ready for a ballroom at the Ritz at any time?

  5. dire wolf says:

    by today's 'rules' as long as he took care of everybody who care's considering all the blended families and alternative living arrangements ….

  6. Ken Schmidt says:

    Another movie destroyed by adverts from Liars, Charlatans, and Hucksters selling snake oil. You should be proud of yourself Cult Cinema. People like you are the scourge of YouTube!

  7. Christine LeBlond says:

    A movie called, "The Strangers in 7A" also was directed and starred in by Ida Lupino. Her hubby in that movie was Andy Griffith, who is a great actor (or she wouldn't have him in her movie).
    That movie seemed a little low-budget too but the actors make up for it.

  8. Christine LeBlond says:

    The actors are all good. Each of the basic cast have been either leads or supporting actors with other big Golden-Age stars in past movies.

  9. jh76103 says:

    Edmond O'Brien looked a somewhat like Raymond Burr. Sounded a little like him too, but his voice was more mellow.

  10. eckankar says:

    I loved how they set up the whole scenario with the doctor talking into the dictaphone in the beginning. Ida Lupino and Joan Fontaine were both at their very best. What a great plot, so well acted…and a cliff hanger ending. So much enjoyed this. Loved the tidbit of Edmund Gwenn's home on the bus tour.

  11. RishayanPorMexico says:

    In many ways, I like the ""good ole days"", but one thing I definitely will never like is "holier than thou"" arrogance of some authorities. People were just way too judgmental back in those days. Without a doubt, Edmond O'Brien was the star of this movie, yet his name is not even given a presence in the description! mmmm

  12. W B says:

    Both women really did not care about him as he cared for them, nor considered his feelings, as he did their feelings.
    Both women were selfish, first wife won't adopt at first because she could not see herself looking after a child that was not her own. She won't even make love to him after he came back from a long trip.
    Wife number two, did not care to know about his life.
    I do not like cheaters, but this guy deserves someone who would care for him as he would for her, care about his feelings, his emotions.


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