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それは私にとって重要ですか、それとも私にとって重要ですか? このビデオでは、両方が可能であり、両方が正しいことをお見せしたいと思いますが、小さな違いがあります! 私にとって = 個人的な考えや意見です。 のようなアイデア; それは私にとって重要だと思われる それは私にとって重要です 私にとって = 行動または直接的な結果 定期的に運動することは私にとって重要です! それは私にとってうまくいき、私にとって重要であり、私には思えます… 今すぐビデオを見て、他の例を見てください! TOとFORであなたの最大の困難をコメントしてください! より多くの文法、流暢さ、就職面接のレッスンを受けるには、このチャンネルに登録してください! HP英語で就職の面接に合格する: 夢の仕事を手に入れよう! 英語での就職面接のテクニックと回答を理解しやすい: 就職面接の質問の完全なガイド仕事「すべてのビデオで良いヒント。 非常に基本的な質問から始まりますが、2 番目の部分はまさに私が探していたものでした。」 「とても良い英語の就職面接コース!」 コースの詳細については、リンクをクリックしてください 👉👉👉 👈👈 👈 TO ME または FOR ME 英語の前置詞 – TO ME または FOR ME 英語の前置詞を探している場合は、このビデオを見て、TO ME について知る必要があるすべてのことを学んでください。または FOR ME 英語の前置詞

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The difference between FOR ME and TO ME ( English prepositions )
The difference between FOR ME and TO ME ( English prepositions )

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The difference between FOR ME and TO ME ( English prepositions )。

to me for me。

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  1. Asahi Pegnata says:

    1. It’s new to me (I found out from google this is the appropriate one, hope it is so)
    2. It’s new for me

  2. Jaya Mathew says:

    Thank you for this video….not only beneficial to the 'Victor' but also for others like me ❤️

  3. Andres Becerra says:

    Thank you teacher, it is important for me to understand these things. It´s interesting to me.

  4. Alina E. says:

    Thank you a lot for such a detailed explanation. You surely spent several hours on it! So, I hope I've got the concept of to or for right. By the way, I wish the video had a couple of exercises in between.

  5. teknpl_on says:

    hi,I'm not British..first of all thanks for your video and your help…in a film,the actor says – "virginity's different FOR guys"- Why? Could you explain me this,please.Thanks a lot

  6. Thomas Robertson says:

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  7. Mi ne says:

    I have studied English all my life, but I still get frustrated and angry with for me and to me. Hopefully, this video will help me. I am going to watch it now. Thank you in advance. Note: I already watched a little bit and I liked it very much!! Oh, I like it very much that we see you on the left bottom corner and at the same time we can see a big screen with examples and explanations. That is very smart of you to choose this format. This way, I can look wherever I want; I can look at you or I can look at the sentence back and forth. Good work!

  8. Franca Pavone says:

    Hi Terry I really liked a lot your video about TO me and FOR me, I would like to better understand the difference between what and which. GRAZIE MILLE FRANCA da MILANO ITALY

  9. Akshat Mukundam says:

    Please help
    For a three year old child,having so much knowledge is an acheivement.(is this grammatically correct?)

  10. Nandexzz Pedrerol says:

    thanks friend, you just answered a question that I had for years and finally I can sleep peacefully.

  11. you dream says:

    3:06 the sentences are used with "for" but verb, action is not written here like here 4:06 . why then are they used with "for"? or you don't talk about action but mean it ?

  12. Prakash Oli says:

    Sir I am from Nepal,am basic level English teacher.I unexpert about English sound system,revel me plz.

  13. Zakari Iraillen says:

    Thank you for this very helpfull video, I always had trouble weither to use for me or to me, now it's very clear.

  14. Orlandex says:

    For me personally it’s useful a tutorship like your subject on this video for everyone.
    To me personally it’s useful a tutorship like your subject on this video to everyone.

    Where be the flaws?

  15. Saiprasad Mallick says:

    Thanks Terry, it's very useful and very informative, keep up the good work, love to see many more videos of yours 👌👍


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