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Whitey Morgan and the 78's


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ホワイティ・モーガンと78年代の「What Am I Supposed to Do」。 Don DuprieとEric Allenによる歌詞と音楽。 アルバム「ハード・タイムズ・アンド・ホワイト・ラインズ」より。 テキサス州トルニロのソニック ランチ スタジオで録音。 ボーカル – Whitey Morgan Tele & Acoustics – Whitey Morgan、Joey Spina、Tony Martinez、Jessie Dayton & Kevin Key Slide – Dylan Dunbar Bass – Alex Lyon Steel Guitar – Brett Robinson、Larry Campbell & Austin Tripp Drums – Tony Dicello Harmonies – Whitey Morgan & Tony Martinez Fiddle – Larry Campbell Produced by Eric Allen Mixed by Edward Spear Additional Production by Alex Lyon Engineered by Charles Godfrey 追加エンジニアリング by Chris Shoeman 今すぐ注文してストリーミング: Amazon: Apple Music: Spotify: Google Play: ストア: Tidal: すべての小売業者: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 15年のキャリアの中で、ホワイティ・モーガンは彼の故郷であるミシガン州フリントから 5 枚のスタジオ アルバムと 1 枚のライブ レコーディングをリリースしました。 赤は、年間125回以上のショーを執拗に平均しています。 ローリング・ストーンは彼を「ウェイロン・ジェニングスの信奉者…現代の無法者」と表現しています [with a] NPRミュージックは、「ウェイロン・ジェニングス、マール・ハガード、デヴィッド・アラン・コーなどの古典的な無法者アーティストのサウンドと主題に寄り添い、モーガンはこの手作りのブランドをリードする態勢を整えています。次の世代への国の

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Whitey Morgan and the 78's | "What Am I Supposed to Do"  | Lyric Video
Whitey Morgan and the 78's | "What Am I Supposed to Do"  | Lyric Video

読んでいるWhitey Morgan and the 78's


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#Whitey #Morgan #7839s #quotWhat #Supposed #Doquot #Lyric #Video。

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Whitey Morgan and the 78's | "What Am I Supposed to Do"  | Lyric Video。

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33 thoughts on “Whitey Morgan and the 78's | "What Am I Supposed to Do"  | Lyric Video | what am i supposed to doに関する一般的な知識が最も正確です

  1. Justin Lanham says:

    I have no connection to the US auto industry but this song hits home hard. Every American should be deeply disturbed at what NAFTA and other global policies have done to our manufacturing base. We are reaping what we’ve sown.

  2. RCP Pop says:

    Woke up this morning, work has been slow, I’m self employed (17 years now) with piling debt and just typed “what am I supposed to do” on my phone and this great song pops up. Good tune.

  3. Dakota Davis says:

    I was a kid when Chrysler shut down the plant in my small Indiana town. This song definitely makes me remember the suffering inflicted on thousands of my neighbors.

  4. Joe Krumpholz says:

    Tell him I say hi mr john watts my name is Joe krumpholz by the way tell whitey Morgan to write me im from brighton mi 3151 moraine brighton mi 48114my fathers name is Mike

  5. Michael Bruce says:

    Cody jinks and whiskey Myers and Hank jr and Chris Stapleton and Chris kinght are the best country music of all times Robert Earl keen

  6. Rocker Nights says:

    Seen you guys Saturday night at the Great American Music Hall in SF. First time I heard it and I can’t stop jamming it! Makes me feel like I’m not alone. ✊🏽

  7. The Ripping Texan says:

    25 and my dad is closing down the used carlot. It's all I've ever known, now I have to start over

  8. Jennifer L. says:

    This is what true country music should sound like!! I saw you play this song last night in Jax and it really hit me right in the feels ❤️❤️❤️ absolutely love this song and the whole album. Thanks for making such a good example of how Country music should really sound!!

  9. jalapeno warrior says:

    I just saw Whitey Morgan and the 78's on 4/26/19 in Phoenix. Awesome show. Great band. This song was great!

  10. Jacobhieb#fishingexpert Hieb says:

    I'm 11 and can not believe how bad the world is nowadays 2019. I don't know what my future will be like. This song makes me cry.

  11. Todd Rheinberger says:

    Probably the best live concert I've ever seen, Whitey came on stage at 9pm and played till past midnight on a Tuesday night. This is real country music done by a band that loves doing it. Pedal steel right up front.

  12. J B says:

    I just searched up “what am I supposed to do” on my computer cause I was done with my schoolwork and I was bored 😂. The song lyrics came up and I read them and felt like it was a country song so I’m not surprised haha


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