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みんな! これらが、私が全国のトップスクールよりもFSUを喜んで選んだ正確な理由です(そして、パーティーではありませんでした!!)。 これらのヒントがなければ、今日の自分がどこにいるのかわかりません。 皆さん、これらのヒントを覚えておいてください。今年の私よりもずっとうまくいくでしょう。次に何を見たいか教えてください。 そして、高評価を残して家族に加わってください!! キャンパス ツアーのビデオ TIK TOK をフォローしてください 初めての方のために、私の名前は Ashton Herndon と申します。私はフロリダ州立大学の 1 年生です。 私はビデオを作成し、可能な限り最善の方法でみんなを助けるのが大好きなので、質問やアイデアがあれば、以下にコメントしてください!! 私とつながりましょう! TikTok: Ashtonherndon Gianna.and.ashton Instagram: _its_ashton_ これらの曲をチェックしてください。

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Why I Chose Florida State | Regrets About FSU
Why I Chose Florida State | Regrets About FSU

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Why I Chose Florida State | Regrets About FSU。

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20 thoughts on “Why I Chose Florida State | Regrets About FSU | 最も詳細なprestigious 覚え 方知識の概要

  1. watermelon soccer says:

    Aw you seem so sweet your videos r so interesting and I’m not even going to fsu lol!! Amazing

  2. Mark Rothenberg says:

    Class of '96 in the house! Loved the video. I was going to UF until I took the tour of FSU. Gorgeous campus and it just felt right. Totally get it.

  3. Mia Cabrera says:

    Hey, just wanted to thank you for making these videos. I recently got accepted into a bunch of Florida colleges but have had such a hard time deciding on where it is I want to go. I’ve narrowed it down to two but am constantly going back and forth between them. But your videos definitely help in narrowing down my options. And maybe I might just end up in FSU. Thank you 😊

  4. Aidan Turner says:

    I appreciate your videos, I’ve been debating where I’m gonna go next year, and your vids gave me a better feel of what FSU is like. Decided yesterday I am going to Tallahassee.

  5. Sofia's Art Studios says:

    Hi Ashton, thank you for all your FSU videos! I got in for the Fall 2022 term, and it’s currently my best option. I’ve been pretty upset these past weeks that I got rejected by my top choices (especially UM, since it’s been my dream school for years), but your videos got me excited!! I’ve learned of some great opportunities at FSU so am looking forward to seeing what’s in store (I’m still waiting on a few universities but FSU looks like the one at the moment)! I hope you’re doing well and I wish you the best!

  6. Dale Jennings says:

    Hello, FSU alum here. First off, you’re absolutely right about the alumni network. There are huge alumni groups all over the USA. That definitely helps, companies know FSU grads as good workers, not just party people who love to watch sports and go to the beach.

  7. Scifun with Fatmah & Amnah says:

    Wow wonderful sharing Ashton, I am happy too for my decision too to join the FSU in August 2022.

  8. Xander Gunning says:

    Great video! I hope I get in for the Summer Admissions 2023. I’ve had my eye on FSU for a while now and I’m pretty fixed on it bro! 🔥👍🏼


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